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Kids playing a game in the street in front of our house. Carlos Alfredo is the older boy in the photo and he is always very interested in our visitors from other countries. He communicates with them using sharades, broken English and lots of smiles.

Nothing like new shoes to generate a big smile.

Our local kids

Maureen having fun cleaning out our water tank called a pila.

Our Christams tree here in Honduras.

Jafed lives next door. He likes chocolate as you can see from how much he is wearing around his mouth.

Typical home in Nueva Suyapa

This is the house next door. Don David keeps his mules there to help trim the grass. Many night the mules keep us up with all the noise they make when something frightens them. I took this photos from my front porch.

One of the local women who washes clothes all day to earl $3 a day.

The beautiful town of Gracias.

This is an interesting fruit  called marienon and you eat the stem roasted and it tastes like a walnut.

Honduras Car Alarm.

These are Milagro and Zoeany, they live down the street. Their mother died last year and the dad has left the country. They now live in the pastors house and are back in school again. They have a special place in our hearts.