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Puerta al Mundo was started in 2005 by over 50 Hondurans who felt called to begin an interdenominational sending agency that would send Hondurans to the "ends of the earth" to bring the hope and love of Jesus.  Working in collaboration with the local church, Puerta al Mundo helps equip, train, and send Hondurans to work in some of the poorest and most destitute areas of the world.   One pastor said, "as a country we've been changed and touched by so many that came to our country to share their faith in Jesus, it is now time for Honduras to respond to the Great Commission and go to the ends of the earth." 

In June and October, 2008 three Hondurans and one Dominican will join another Honduran (who has been there 2 years) to live and work in one of the poorest countries in North Africa.  They will be living in a slum in the desert of North Africa working with a Servant Partners team.  They are choosing to move into one of the poorest slums of the world to love the poor and try to make a difference through economic, spiritual, educational and psychological development.  Their local churches are sponsoring them and they've been through an intense training to prepare themselves for this life of service.  Servant Partners is committed to helping them get there by paying for their plane tickets, health insurance, and language learning.  If you want help them or others on this journey please email us for more info.

The Honduras Puerta al Mundo brochure highlights the mission, values, and steps to partnering with Hondurans to serve throughout the world. 

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